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Edward C. Allred

Edward "Fast Eddie" Allred is credited by friend and foe alike as having created the "assembly-line abortion." One supporter reported that "Allred has done for abortion what Ray Kroc did for hamburgers." Allred owns and operates the world's largest chain of for-profit abortion mills, killing thousands of children annually and maiming and killing an unknown number of women. Allred is also very popular in horse racing circles, as well as within abortion circles. He is very, very influential in politics, not just within the abortion establisment.

Strongholds: Allred seems dedicated to abortion not just as a business venture, but as a political project to supress minorities. His record of racist remarks that would shame David Duke is well known. Allred shows utterly no interest in the well being of patients, failing to take corrective action after difficulties are uncovered, even if these shortcomings resulted in patient deaths. He is well-enough connected to be able to get dead women through the morgue without an autopsy. He gets away with blatant criminal activities on technical quirks due to his exceedingly skilled lawyers.

Strenths: Allred is smart and influential.

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