Prayer Adoption
Bill and Karen Bell

Bill and Karen Bell's daughter, Becky, died of pneumonia just after miscarrying a secret pregnancy. Somehow, the lie that Becky had self-induced an abortion arose. The Bells fell into the clutches of pro abortion activists -- especially Eleanor Smeal and the Feminist Majority Foundation -- and are used shamelessly to oppose parental involvement laws. The Bells' situation is especially sad in that their grief over their daughter's death is being used to endanger other teenage girls.

Strongholds: The Bells are strongly immersed in grief and deception.

Strenths: The Bells clearly loved their daughter very much and do not want her to have died in vain. They sincerely wish to protect the lives of other teenagers.

Becky Never Got To Vote on the Law That Killed Her:
Rock for Choice exploits Becky's death.
The Truth Behind the Becky Bell Story: A review of primary source documents revealing the truth, and how Becky's parents are being exploited.
Abortion Advocates Hide From Truth in Becky Bell Tragedy: How exploiters of frightened teens are using Becky's death to perpetuate teen endangerment.
NOW Mobolizes Opposition to Teen Endangerment Act: How the National Organization for Women promotes teen endangerment using Becky's death.
Un-Celebration: How Body Politic promotes teen endangerment using Becky's death.
Pro-Choice Lies and the Truth Behind the Becky Bell Story: Carolyn Gargaro summarizes how Becky's death is being exploited by the culture of death.
Becky Bell: A Mother's Story: Medical Students for Choice site, borrowed from NARAL.
Becky Bell: National Abortion Rights Action League (NARAL) site, ostensibly by Karen Bell herself, but so full of lies that I suspect somebody else composed the story and put Karen's name on it.

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