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Warren Hern

Warren Hern is currently a practicing abortionist. He is active in the National Abortion Federation and has many friends and associates in various proabortion groups as well as in government.

Strongholds: Hern considers humanity to be a "cancer" on the earth, and embraces abortion as a means of containing the "cancer." He is so obsessed with abortion being "good" that he has proposed that all pregnancies should be "treated" with abortion unless the woman can demonstrate that her benefit from having a baby would offset the risks to herself and the cost to society. Hern has been immersed in the culture of death for so long he probably can not imagine life outside that culture.

Strenths: Hern has, for many years, volunteered his time and finances to providing medical care to a remote tribe in the Peruvian jungle. He has been humble enough to learn their language. He seems to genuinely care about his patients. He has been brave enough to face the wrath of his fellows by providing expert testimony in abortion malpractice cases, and to scold his fellows for their shabby practices. This is a sign of great strength of character, since he risked expulsion from NAF to stand by the cause of individual abortion-injured women. Hern accepts responsibilty for his errors in judgment and provides life-saving follow-up care, at his own expense, to women injured in abortions he performs.

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