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Emily Lyons

Emily Lyons is the nurse who was injured in the Birmingham, Alabama, abortion mill bombing. Rather than turn to God after her brush with death, she has become a high-profile promoter abortion and enemy to defenders of life. She now devotes her time to promoting the lie that prolifers are violent and that abortion promoters are peaceful and loving.

Strongholds: Even a brush with death was not enough to make her reassess whether or not what she was doing is right. She is now immersed in lies and deception, blaming her injuries on pro lifers. She is deeply immersed in the culture of death and believes that this is the only place she can find safety, love, and healing.

Strenths: Emily Lyons has enough compassion for her fellows that she did become a nurse. At one time she devoted her time to comforting and caring for the sick and dying. She has been a labor and delivery nurse, welcoming new children into the world.

Emily Lyons:
A site apprising visitors of Emily Lyon's injuries and progress, and blaming her suffering on life advocates.
Bombing Survivor Inspires Us!: An example of how Emily Lyons is being used to promote fear and lies.
To Hell and Back: Emily Lyons' speach to Planned Parenthood.
Testimony of Emily Lyons: Emily Lyons' testimony to the House Judiciary Committee.

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