Prayer Adoption
Targeted Prayer Fighting The Culture of Death

As Christians, we have a duty to pray for our families, our neighbors, our friends. We also have a special duty to pray for our enemies.

Unborn children, however, can't pray for their enemies -- the abortionists who want to kill them, the activists who want them to be killed, the so-called scientists that spread the lie that abortion isn't killing and is in fact a benign act.

In advocating for the lives of the unborn, then, it is our duty to take on the task they can not do themselves. We must pray for their enemies.

This page is devoted to promoting "adoption" of some of the biggest enemies of the unborn. These people and organizations not only assure that children are killed; they do spiritual damage to everyone around them by promoting abortion and the spiritual malaise it fosters.

I am hoping to find a primary "spiritual parent" to adopt each of these key players. You will be provided with a template to build a web page about that person and guest book for visitors to record their commitment to pray for that person.

Information to be included should include items of spiritual importance (what part they play in the culture of death, what strongholds in their lives need to be defeated, and what areas of light and love need to be nurtured). Information that could be used to frighten or harrass the person and/or his loved ones must NOT be posted. All posting must be in a spirit of prayerful love.

Those who are not ready to commit to a page might still sign into a guestbook their willingness to pray daily for a person in need. Please post any information about prayers, special masses or prayer meetings/groups, et cetera, along with any information you know about that person's spiritual progress. Even if you can not pledge to pray for anybody on a daily basis, feel free to post a special prayer intention. God has already reached such intractable members of the culture of death as Bernard Nathanson, Carol Everett, Norma McCorvey, and Eric Harrah. He can work miracles in the lives of these other death advocates, too.

Death Promoter Role in the Culture of Death Status
Edward Campbell Allred Physician and owner of the largest chain of for-profit abortion mills in the world. Allred's slipshod management has resulted in an unknown number of women's deaths (at least 12) in addition to the tens of thousands of unborn children directly killed. Closing mills, seems to be trying to focus on his horse racing.
Bill and Karen Bell Parents whose teenage daughter died of pneumonia after miscarrying a secret pregnacy. Bill and Karen fell into the clutches of the pro-abortion forces, who are using them as pawns to defeat parental involvement laws. Still active but not as high-profile as they had been.
Cynthia Bumb Executive Director of the Missouri Religious Coalition for reproductive Choice Unknown
Michael Burnhill Physician, Medical Director of Planned Parenthood Federation of America, and privvy to many of the abortion industry's nastiest secrets through his involvement in the National Abortion Federation. Unknown
Cher Actress, singer, and celebrity spokesperson, glamorizing abortion. Still active
Hillary Rodham Clinton Former First Lady and ardent political activist for abortion. Considering a run for President, may prove to be even more hardcore proabortion than her husband had been, if that's possible.
Gloria Feldt President, Planned Parenthood Federation of America Still presenting lies as truth to the American people.
David Grimes Physician and researcher who does much to promote abortion as "safe," "necessary," and "beneficial." Still active, but lower profile.
Warren Hern High-profile abortionist who is very active and influential in proabortion organizations in the United States and overseas. Still active, but not in very good graces with his fellow abortionists.
Edward Kennedy Senator from Massachusetts, key abortion supporter In need
Lisa Koonin Researcher for both the pro-abortion Alan Guttmacher Institute and the pro-abortion Centers for Disease Control. Lisa currently uses her position of public trust to promote abortion. May have left the CDC; her name is no longer as prominent on documents.
Emily Lyons Nurse who was injured in the Birmingham bombing. Rather than turn to God after her brush with death, she has instead become a strong activist for abortion and against those who defend life. Still active and high-profile.
Sylvia Stengle Leader of the National Abortion Federation, she is instrumental in promoting partial-birth abortion. Still active.

This is but a partial list. If you have another key player you would like to adopt, contact me and I will help you get your page up and running.

For more information on faith-centered prolife efforts, visit Pro Life Views: Community of Faith at

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